New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Dog

It is so exciting that we are starting a New Year and We are all about New Year’s Resolution today :) Here is New Year Resolutions from Doggone to you and your dog. We  also added couple more to the list…

Purina Care’s “chief vet,” Dr. Bill Craig, DVM, Chief Medical and Underwriting Director of PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance, shared some new year’s resolutions with us, for both you and your dog.

Tick-tock. Before time runs out on 2010 you and your pet can make New Year’s resolutions for a pawsome 2011. You both can unleash your dreams and plan to make the New Year pawderful for you both.

We want to know if you are making any new year’s resolutions with your dog in mind.  Dr. Craig has a few to get you started and get those creative juices flowing:

As a proud pet owner, I promise to:
1. Walk you a little longer (actually, this is a promise to us both).
2. Brush your teeth more often to keep them pearly white.
3. Give you a few more baths and grooms to make sure you always look, and feel, your best.
4. Let you sit in my lap or curl up next to me as often as I can.
5. Play with you. Fetch, chase the mouse or other game you love because I love you.

Couple more from us…

6. I will promise you to train with the most proven dog training methods from dog training dvds.

7.I will buy NOW dog training dvds to improve my dog training skills just for you.

As your furry best friend, I promise to:
1. Look at you with my big, sparkly eyes like you are the most important person in the world to me (because you are!).
2. Wag my tail when you get home, even if you only left for a few minutes.
3. Purr more so you know just how happy I am with you.
4. Listen to anything you want to tell me. Your secrets are safe with me.
5. Make you feel a little better whenever I’m around because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

6. If you train me with proven dog training methods, I will obey your obedience commands no matter what happens.

7.If you train me with dog training dvds I will promise you to do whatever you say whenever you say it.

8.I will love you forever if you BUY NOW dog training dvds for me :)

Wishing you and your dog a GREAT wagging tail YEAR!

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