Where to put the Dog Crate for effective Dog house training?

The popular question we got from the forums and twitter that where to put the dog crate for effective, fast and easy house training. Using a crate for house training is one of the effective methods as many of you know. Dogs feel the crate like their small house and feel secure so you should not feel sorry about them, while putting your dog in a crate. Especially if your dog is a puppy you should put your dog in a crate while you are out of the house which prevents a lot of accidents in the house.

Dog crates should be small enough that your dogs can lie down but cannot move in the crate, because if your dog can do his business one side of the crate, he can go to other side so crate training cannot solve the problem.

As most of the dog owners and trainers agree that  dog crates are an excellent house training system. Most of the new dog owners want to put the crate in the bedrooms, there is nothing wrong with that however putting the crate close to the door will help you tremendously. This way your dog will not have enough time to have an accident between crates and the door. You just open the crate’s door and the backyard door is just there. You and your dog will feel more relax, not running around the house to find and open the backyard door.

I know you might be excited to have your dog at home and want to sleep with your dog, play with your puppy but remember efective dog training starts from the first day you got your dog.

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