Stop Dog Barking

Sometimes you may have barking issues with your dogs especially when your dog gets scared by something that you think he has heard or smelled. Your dog may run back and forth to the windows, doors barking and anticipating something. Your dog is trying to tell you something.

 Focus on your dog before and after barking. Is your dog doing something specific? Is your dog going or hearing something strange? Is your dog looking for attention? Is your dog bored? Dogs love rituals, there should be some kind of ritual your dog follows while having new habit.

If you know the reasons and little small clues about your dogs barking problem you will have the big advantage of solving this disturbing issue.

You can just go up to him and look out the window or door with your dog and say “oh nothing there” and then try to distract your dog away from the window or place. If your dog stops barking, give lots of praise.

 Another approach of dog barking problem could be making everyone leave the room and ignore your dog when your dog does this. There might be some sort of inadvertent behavioral chain established. Removal will work most of the time if the dog is barking for attention.

If using the redirection approach be mindful of when it is going to start and making a really loud distraction noise – not your voice, no touching him, going over to him or anything like that…use something neutral like pebbles in the bottle.

Redirecting your dog before your dog barks will help you and your dog, simple redirection and staying one step ahead is the key.

Still, both methods have their place and merit. It is up to you to determine which one will work for your dog and your personal preference.

Every dog has problems once in a while it does not mean that it is going to continue forever. Preventing the problem will help you and your dog. Having dog obedience training will teach you more about your dogs personality and behavior. Eventually it will get easier to prevent bigger issues. Remember postponing the issue will not help your dog to solve the real problem. It wil make it harder to solve the problem and may cause bigger problems in the future.

There are good days and bad days for all of us, enjoy every minute of them! 

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