Popular Dog Toys for Your Dog

There are a lot of different style, size and color dog toys for the dogs. If it is your first dog you need to learn more about the dog toys. Some of them attracted dogs by secret food departments and the others with the squeaky noise. Dog toys keep your dog busy as well as keeping them out of trouble.

Most of the dogs Kongs are great choice and the black ones are pretty hard to destroy for many dogs of course not all of them.

Puzzle feeders like ‘buster cubes’ are another good choice for your dogs. Your dogs can really interact with them and you can easily put the dogs’ kibble in them and they have to ‘work’ for the meal which makes them happy.  They might be a little noisy and sometimes can be hard to clean, but they are near indestructible and can keep a food motivated dogs busy for hours easily.

There are also various bones that come with fillings that tend to be pretty durable, but be careful on these because some of the fillings may stain carpets. Most dog owners found that the light brown filled ones (might be peanut butter based filling) tend to stain less, while the dark red ones get rather messy. Another option is to get a non-filled one and fill it with your own fillings. You can pretty much use any of the Kong stuffing suggestions, its effectively the same idea but with the bone exterior its harder to destroy compared to even the black Kongs.

Rope toys are also big winners for most of the dogs. You can soak in broth or tea and freeze them to give extra joy to your dog.

Jolly Balls are great and fairly hard to destroy, they come in different sizes.

You can use dog toys for obedience dog training sessions, most of the dogs are attracted by food but the others attracted by toys and games. Instead of offering small treat to your dog while having a dog training session, you can offer these toys.

Dog toys should be durable, easy to replace, make your dog happy and keep your dog busy. If you have greater dog toys, feel free to add more of the great dog toys list…

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