Is Your Dog Ignoring You?

The main thing is to not take it personal. The dog isn’t ignoring or defying you, but rather, over stimulated, so his brain can’t process all things at once. Natural dog behaviors, such as sniffing things and looking at critters get focused on, because they are in his genes, things like human language, tricks and the person he sees all the time.

Repeating dog training commands over and over again will not help you or your dog. If your dog doesn’t respond after 1-2 times, try to figure out why and remedy it, then try again, without the remedy your dog will never listen to you.

Dogs don’t generalize, so that means they have to literally relearn your signals in every new place at first. So even though he knows the signs, indoors, or in less fun places they can fall apart in new places or more fun places. Because, basically he is a new puppy, in a new place, no matter how many things he knows at home, he will easily forget about it when he gets excited.

You’re on the right track, practice makes it perfect, but if you can’t get the dogs attention, that means you’ve done too much too fast, going closer to home and getting that solid will help and practicing distractions indoors will help. Our the best Dog training DVD will help you to over view the commands and solutions of basic dog obedience training commands and essentials.

Get in the dog’s line of sight or in the way of where he is going may help. For example, if your dog is too busy sniffing, stand about 1 cm from his nose. He will look up and then you can direct him easier.

Develop a focus signal or command of some kind. You do not have to be very creative any word can work and also snapping your fingers typically will get your dog’s attention. It is hard to explain while writing however you can learn more about it with Basic Dog Training DVDs.

Even though you stand just in front of your dog and he seems like ignored you or he just physically moved himself to look around you, try to say let’s go, go, enough and then keep walking. She won’t know what let’s go, go, enough or anything else means of course, but by saying it and then continuing the walk, you could develop the motion.

Then when he looks like he is getting distracted, you could say let’s go, go, enough. If walking would be rewarding, it could help developing the motion as let’s go, go is associated with keep walking.

Trust me I feel your pain, It is frustrating, I know, and it does certainly look and feel like the dog is ignoring you, but think of it as a new puppy out in the world for the first time…they may not hear their parents calling just like kids…

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