How to Make Crate Training Easier for Your Dog

Crate training is one of the most important dog training parts that you should train your dogs. Everybody is talking about how great crate training is and how it makes your life and your dog’s life easier. However it is not the case sometimes dog owners and dogs may have hard time to get used to crate.

When you bring your dog at your home we know that you loved that little puppy and you cannot handle the whining with small eyes you are looking at but you have to start crate raining the first day or night. You never let your dogs to sleep with you even just for couple days.

Dogs are pack animals and want to be near by you, especially while sleeping. So being able to hear even your breathing should help. You can put the crate in your bedroom so that the dog or puppy can see you and feel you while you are sleeping but taking your dog in to the bed is not a good idea. Make sure the dog’s crates are not near radiators or draughts and try to make sure your dog can see you easily from the crate.

As soon as dogs wake up at early ages, they have to go to the bathroom. Whining or not, if the dog wakes up take it outside immediately and make sure that your dog feels relaxed before get inside.

Socialization with other dogs is going to be very important if your dog is in early ages and leave the own pack. From this puppy’s perspective, you took them away from her security, from her “family” and loved up on her for a few days, then stuck her in a crate far away from you in the dark of night.  Most puppies are likely terrified, poor little things. Taking your dog to the dog park and other places that can have friends will be helpful. Never leave your dog unsupervised. If you have to leave your puppy alone make an arrangement with your family members or neighbors who can stop by and take care of the puppy for a little while.

Making the crate a nice place to be will help tremendously. A lot of time dogs are uncomfortable about being shut in the crate at first, they will get used to it slowly. Giving your dog Kongs stuffed with food/treats is great ideas to keep your dog in create comfortably.

In addition, there are other things you can do to calm your dog in crate like the old quiet ticking clock and warm water bottle trick which feels like dog’s mother’s belly and heartbeat and gives your dog the best comfortable feeling. If your dog has a piece of material from the breeder with the dam and litters’ scent on it, put that in there, too.   Some soft toys to snuggle up against and an old shirt with your scent on will help extremely. Another trick is some dap plugged in nearby or spritzed into the crate. Most rescue Kennels use classical music to lower dogs’ stress levels, it may also help your dog to calm down gradually.

Make it very comfy in the crate.  Hiding a couple of tasty tidbits for her to find, make your dog spend enjoyable time in crate.  Drape a sheet over it so it is more like a den than a prison. 

All these solutions sounds like hard work but when your dog get used to the crate you and your dog will have such wonderful comfortable times and all the hard work will pay off that time. This is a temporary situation and can happen most of the dog owners. Be patient, keep loving your dog and starting your dog’s obedience classes in early age with dog training DVD which will help your dog to build pack leader feeling for you.

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