Effective Ways of Keeping Your Puppy Calm

Keeping your puppy calm might be hard for you at the beginning. They learn fast and have been nothing but great, but puppies are always seemed to be in a really hyper mood. When you walk they want to walk in front of you or just jump on you, they might think that they are in an alpha position.

All these behaviors are perfectly normal puppy behavior and is not about trying to dominate you. So no worries, yet! He’s just being happy to see you and wants to get close to you. Ideally dogs wants to get “muzzle to muzzle” like he would with another dog. That is the reason of jumping. When your dogs jump, try to ignore them, so they will just stop jumping. Especially while they are jumping looking at ceiling and putting your hands to your back or in your pocket will change your dogs’ behavior tremendously.

More exercise helps a lot with the young hyper puppy. Play with your dog outdoors or use a “flirt pole” (think cat toy) to get him tired. Tired puppies are good puppies! They do not put themselves in trouble at home and stay calmer most of the time.

Playing with food puzzles will be a big help to you like the Buster Cube, Nina Ottosson puzzles, busybuddy and many more. There are a lot of different sizes and styles of these kinds of dog toys; you will find the best one for your dog easily from local stores. What they do? They actually wear your dog out while playing these toys.

Approaching a puppy calmly is very important when you first bring the puppy at home. The whole “dominance” thing is really being shown a counterproductive direction at this young age of the dog.

You can start basic dog obedience training commands like sit, come and heel while walking. Remember dog training commands will help you to keep your dog busy.

Most of all enjoy these lovely days while your dog is still puppy. Puppies grow so fast that you won’t understand what happened to your small buddy so enjoy every minute.

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