How to Stop Dog Jumping

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One of the most common, annoying and dangerous problems for dog owners is Dog jumping on family members, small children or house guests. This may be related to feeling of insecurity or simply aggressiveness. Dogs learn jumping faster than any other dog obedience command. We involuntarily teach them, when they are a young puppy, dog owners or other people always invite them up and pays attention and affection. Everyone goes like ‘come here puppy, cute puppy’ and praise them when they jump up so dog learns jumping naturally. That is the biggest reason why dog jumping up is a very common problem and big problem that 90% of dog owners are having.

Most of the time puppies get confused by commands of people around them. When your puppy jumps up, make sure to use the ‘off’ command because using ‘down’ makes your dog confuse it with the ‘lay down’ command. Never touch your dog or puppy, pet or praise when your dog is jumping up on you or other people. Never get into an eye contact when using the following methods to prevent jumping up. Read the rest of this entry »

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