It is so exciting that we are starting a New Year and We are all about New Year’s Resolution today :) Here is New Year Resolutions from Doggone to you and your dog. We  also added couple more to the list…

Purina Care’s “chief vet,” Dr. Bill Craig, DVM, Chief Medical and Underwriting Director of PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance, shared some new year’s resolutions with us, for both you and your dog. Read the rest of this entry »

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Names are very important for our lives while having a new name for your dog you want to give the cutest and the best name and has just announced its annual ranking for dog and cat names, and for the fourth repeated year in a row, “Buddy” fetched the top spot as the most popular name for adoptable dogs. For cats, “Lucy” once again purred its way to first place, barely beating “Midnight” for the No. 1 adoptable cat ranking.

Remember that giving a family member’s name or close to family members’ name may confuse your dog while having dog training sessions. Most people do not think about it this way but dog training starts from the first day that your dog settles. Learning how to train a dog before your dog arrives at home will give you more confidence and right things to do. You will learn basic dog training commands and hand signals as well as the right way of train a dog with dog training dvds. Well-mannered trained dogs are joyful companions of our lives.

Did your pet’s name make the cut? Here are the lists for 2010: Read the rest of this entry »

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We are hoping that this holiday season is treating you all well.  While taking a break from classes and work this week, we are working on 2011 business plans and new dog training dvd reviews.

 If your New Year’s resolutions include improving your dog’s behavior, buy one of the most improved dog training dvds today!

 Current clients, friends and FOLLOWERS will notice a change to our dog training website.  We have offered an increased number of “all levels” dog training dvds where beginner, intermediate, and advanced students can buy and take advantage of great dog training dvd programs.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.  With the bitter winter chill, you may find yourself struggling to find ways to tire your dog’s brain and body without both of you suffering from frostbite.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The main thing is to not take it personal. The dog isn’t ignoring or defying you, but rather, over stimulated, so his brain can’t process all things at once. Natural dog behaviors, such as sniffing things and looking at critters get focused on, because they are in his genes, things like human language, tricks and the person he sees all the time.

Repeating dog training commands over and over again will not help you or your dog. If your dog doesn’t respond after 1-2 times, try to figure out why and remedy it, then try again, without the remedy your dog will never listen to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Crate training is one of the most important dog training parts that you should train your dogs. Everybody is talking about how great crate training is and how it makes your life and your dog’s life easier. However it is not the case sometimes dog owners and dogs may have hard time to get used to crate. Read the rest of this entry »

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An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt
road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate
in the fence and looked in, it was nice – grassy,
woody areas, just what a ‘hunting’ dog and man would
like, but, it had a sign saying ‘no trespassing’ so
they walked on. Read the rest of this entry »

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There are a lot of different style, size and color dog toys for the dogs. If it is your first dog you need to learn more about the dog toys. Some of them attracted dogs by secret food departments and the others with the squeaky noise. Dog toys keep your dog busy as well as keeping them out of trouble.

Most of the dogs Kongs are great choice and the black ones are pretty hard to destroy for many dogs of course not all of them. Read the rest of this entry »

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Keeping your puppy calm might be hard for you at the beginning. They learn fast and have been nothing but great, but puppies are always seemed to be in a really hyper mood. When you walk they want to walk in front of you or just jump on you, they might think that they are in an alpha position.

All these behaviors are perfectly normal puppy behavior and is not about trying to dominate you. So no worries, yet! He’s just being happy to see you and wants to get close to you. Ideally dogs wants to get “muzzle to muzzle” like he would with another dog. That is the reason of jumping. When your dogs jump, try to ignore them, so they will just stop jumping. Especially while they are jumping looking at ceiling and putting your hands to your back or in your pocket will change your dogs’ behavior tremendously. Read the rest of this entry »

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Teaching your dog different commands will help you to improve relationship between you and your dog. Dog training sessions should not be very long because your dog will lose the focus and start playing with you. Keep dog training sessions short and easy for yourself and your dog.

Training your dog with different dog obedience training commands will help your dog to learn easier and faster. After learning couple obedience commands your dog understands that you will give treats and praise after the training and try to learn the commands faster. Read the rest of this entry »

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The popular question we got from the forums and twitter that where to put the dog crate for effective, fast and easy house training. Using a crate for house training is one of the effective methods as many of you know. Dogs feel the crate like their small house and feel secure so you should not feel sorry about them, while putting your dog in a crate. Especially if your dog is a puppy you should put your dog in a crate while you are out of the house which prevents a lot of accidents in the house. Read the rest of this entry »

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